Friday, 25 February 2011

Up in the Woods

I have always been envious of anyone who can make collages look good, I have tried and failed, but admire those who can. Javier Pinon is one of those, with his animal themed collages, which remind me of my childhood love for the film 'Watership Down' (but a bit darker of course...)

A Blob

I came across the work of an American artist - Kim Manfredi.
Her work focuses on natural forms, with blobs of coloured oils merging into one another creating a controlled mess of texture and pattern.  
'Through immersing, sagging, burning and blowing I move into an experience of painting that expresses the ever-changing process of existence.'

Friday, 18 February 2011

The Twilight Hour

A few days ago I visited the V&A where I saw an exhibition called 'Twilight - photography in the magic hour'. I was drawn to the work of Bill Henson, whose photos have a unique sense of light and movement. There is a haunting feeling to his work, he captures young people on the way to adulthood, showing a dark and vunerable side to growing up.

'Now as the light from a row of TV screens blends with the last rays of the sun, both play over a face staring into a shop window, and as the sound of the mall dies away, imagine as that face curves off into shadow. Turn ever so slightly, a single camera movement brings the distant lights of a freeway into view, blinking through the darkening forest. And the sun goes down behind the mountains.'Bill Henson

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I recently came across the work of Douglas Gordon, a well know British artist who won the Turner Prize in in 2007. He uses film, photography and text in his artwork, which often have a surreal element to them. Gordon's work has a strong influence of Alfred Hitchcock, with the distorted faces and close up images of eyes like what can be seen in 'Psycho', he has used parts of the famous movie in his film '24 Hour Psycho'.