Friday, 17 December 2010


The following photographs were taken at Pin Mill in Ipswich. This is a place which I have visited many times and find very magical. There are lots of old Dutch barges that are moored here - no longer in use as working boats - which people now live on. There is something mysterious and fascinating about the landscape which I have always felt intrigued by. With a great view of the river Orwell and nature surrounding these boats, and a beautiful, untouched wilderness.

Dear Oh Deer...

I chose the title 'Tell me a story' for my final major project at the end of my Art Foundation. I wanted to create a collection of stories for children, not necessarily using words, with some aspect of a narrative. I created detailed illustrations of animals such as birds and deers using only pen, which I then decided to put onto a silk screen for photo screen printing. By using this technique, it abled me to use a wide range of colours in my project, developing and improving the original drawings. I then experimented with trying to print onto thin materials such as muslin, and cotton to see what effect the texture of the fabric created. I decided to go with the idea of producing a final collection of childrens wear, tee shirts and baby gros, with my drawings printed for the design and a catchy slogan of 'Dear oh deer' hand stitched on to the garment. Alongside these I made two picture books using monoprint and etching for the illustrations, all of which I exhibited in the Summer show.
Beautifully modelled by Freddie Rex Rae....

A Skeleton Ride?

I saw the stunning work of Tessa Farmer when I visited the Saatchi gallery recently, she collects deceased insects - in this case wasps and bees - and creates miniature  skeletons which ride these insects. The intricacy of her work is very inspiring, she uses organic, natural and found objects in her collections, creating a thought provoking view of life and death - a fantasy approach to art.